Destination Cambodia

Adventures in the Kingdom

ISBN 9781742376622

Published September 2013 Allen & Unwin

140305 Walter Mason Image

Walter Mason is a travel writer and speaker with a special interest in spirituality. A former bookseller, he has several blogs, and is a popular figure on the speaking circuit. Walter’s distinctive voice, his upfront knowledge of Cambodia and wicked sense of humour meet in his newest book, Destination Cambodia, a series of vignettes in celebration of a remarkable and resilient nation, which has become a great travel destination. His previous book, Destination Saigon, was born of Walter’s love for the country and the people of Vietnam, from the bustling cities to out-of-the-way villages. From the grounds of crowded Buddhist monasteries, through the mountains of Battambang and into the parlours of shamanesses channelling 900 year old princesses, Walter’s special fascination with the mystical traditions of the Khmer people have given him a unique insight into a country more commonly identified with suffering, genocide and the horrors of war.

The tantalising ruins of Angkor Wat are inhabited, not just by poorly-dressed tourists, but also by a spiritual memory and prophetic tradition that dates back centuries.

Cambodia has mystified and enthralled travellers for hundreds of years, but only now are people beginning to discover a country and a people looking forward, and not just backward to its tragic past. Walter tells some of the stories in this, his latest book. Highly recommended.