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Dr Bob Hudson has been involved in archaeological research in Myanmar (Burma) for more than 15 years. He is an adviser to UNESCO  and the Myanmar Ministry of Culture for the current Bagan World Heritage Bid.  He is a Visiting Professor at the Pyay Field School Of Archaeology, University Of Culture, Myanmar, where he teaches Myanmar students who are undergoing a graduate diploma in archaeology. He is an associate of the Archaeology Department, University of Sydney.  Following the completion of a late-in-life PhD, Bob was awarded a fellowship by the Australian Research Council. One of several of his ongoing projects, radiocarbon dating Myanmar’s ancient sites, is supported by the Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering.  In earlier careers Bob was a radio broadcaster (2JJ and ABC 2BL), an actor (Rocky Horror Show), a singer/songwriter (Newcastle Song) and a Hollywood screenwriter. The degree to which he is prone to reminisce about these occupations is in direct proportion to how well the cocktail hour is going.  Bob has been taking small groups on educational/cultural visits to Myanmar for over 12 years. He offers insights into the culture and history of the country that can only come from someone with his kind of close involvement.

Tours for Dr Bob Hudson

Tour Leader - Inside Burma: The Essential Experience