We find that most of our clients enjoy having some independent meals.  Your leader or tour manager will be able to assist in recommending a suitable restaurant and usually get an (optional) party together to dine on independent evenings.

No.  And if ever there has been a trend over the past, well, twenty-odd years it has been the acceptable dress code for travellers.  It’s a trend that underpins countless travel clothing organisations (such as Kathmandu, Columbia etc) all over the world.  This casual style of apparel is appropriate virtually anywhere.  If there is a rare exception we will advise you well in advance.

No. We deal directly with our clients.

They’re a rarity – but if any aspect of a tour has failed to meet your expectations then we need to know about it. You will be able to identify any area of concern in our evaluation process which will be waiting for you to complete and send to us on your return from a travel program.