We spend a huge amount of time meeting, interviewing and getting to know prospective leaders who possess impeccable formal and/or informal credentials.  These people are the main point of difference between us and other travel organisations.  Passion and a deep knowledge of the destination is a prerequisite, plus the ability to deliver these attributes to a small group in an enthusiastic and informative way. In choosing a leader, our instinct plays a role.  We ask ourselves the basic question:  would travelling with this person add real and significant value to my journey?  The answer must always be yes.

This can vary so you will need to check the cancellation and refund section on the tour brochure.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website www.dfat.gov.au contains relevant information regarding travel to world destinations.  We monitor their advice as well as the recommendations and opinions of partner organisations and suppliers associated with the tour.  If DFAT assigns a ‘do not travel’ category to a particular location then we will try to adjust the itinerary to bypass or avoid that location. If this is impossible then we would have no choice but to cancel or postpone the tour. This can and does happen – but only in very isolated cases.  Safety is always the overriding concern.

Yes we are happy to assist with an extension at the end of your tour.  Be aware that hotels often offer a better price to individuals than to tour operators, so you may find it more cost effective to simply book online independently.

Yes, to a point.  Different airlines approach to group fares differently and usually (but not always) allow us to change the date and departure airport of your group fare inbound or outbound flight, but not both.

Yes, we can get a quote for an upgrade.  This of course assumes there is a higher class available on that particular route.

The age range varies, but the majority would be between 55 and 75. Few of our clients are under 40.

Yes.  We can provide a comprehensive policy and a premium quotation.

A comprehensive travel insurance policy is a strict requirement on all Heritage Destinations programs.  As a bare minimum, your insurance must cover cancellation before the tour commencement, hospitalisation while on tour, and repatriation in the case of severe illness or injury.

This would be unlikely.  Usually there will be other people travelling alone.  Our groups are small and friendly and your leader and/or tour manager will ensure that you aren’t marginalised.