Heritage Destinations provide travel programs for small groups who require more interesting and informative travel experiences than those generally offered by commercial operators.

Worthwhile travel deserves more than bland mass tourism packages. Discerning travellers require intelligent and selective enjoyment of the three heritage elements: the natural environment; the built environment; and the cultural environment. Our programs focus on enhancing your understanding and appreciation of these interlinked elements and are carefully designed so you spend time in locations of greatest interest, enjoying the exhilaration, discovery, fun and fulfilment that travel brings to our lives.

We help you achieve this by:

Competent and Effective Leaders
Our group program leaders are the main point of difference.  They are knowledgeable, articulate and highly qualified. They’re friendly, sociable and want you to get the most out of your program.

Careful Planning
Our group itineraries are designed in close collaboration with our program leaders. Each program involves thorough research and meticulous attention to detail. Special access and behind the scenes visits are a frequent feature.

Comfortable Accommodation and Dining
Our programs provide an eclectic range of comfortable accommodation. Interesting dining options emphasising regional cuisine is an important priority.

Personalised Service
Our goal is exemplary service from your first contact to the completion of your journey. In a competitive travel environment your satisfaction and recommendation to others is vital. We rely on your repeat business and want you to travel with us again.

The Benefits of Small Group Travel
The average number of participants on our group programs is around 10 with a maximum of 15. Because our groups are small, you are assured of contact with your program leader and other tour staff. In a small group you’ll interact more effectively with local people encountered en route and your fellow travellers; an easy camaraderie soon forms where single travellers are made feel welcome and friendships can develop. Many clients regard sharing experiences with like-minded travel companions as one of the most enjoyable aspects of their journey.

Value for money
Catering for different tastes and budgets means that the cost of travel programs varies widely. At all pricing levels we are committed to fulfilling your important expectations of quality and value for money.

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